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Amanda Rocheleau


Registered Social Worker
Compassion Fatigue Specialist
Public Speaker/Educator

Reignite your compassion

Redefine self-care

Reconnect with your authentic self

Are you in the business of helping others?


If so, you might have realized that sometimes it feels like there just isn't enough time, energy or drive to practice "self-care" after caring for others all day.

But you also know that you can’t pour from an empty cup...

This is the place where we can explore  sustainable solutions  so that you can
strive to be the awesome, compassionate helper that you are meant to be, and
still maintain your own wellness in the process. 

(and I'm talking about way more than just having a hot bubble bath once in awhile!) 

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Helping professionals encounter unique stressors in our work environments that can have significant impact on our psychological and emotional well-being. On a regular basis, we face systemic barriers, limited resources, unpredictable interactions, changing environments, clients with complex needs,

trauma exposure and critical incidents... just to name a few. With all of that, we show up with open, empathetic hearts and hold space for people as they go through their struggle. 

It can all take its toll on a helper and can sometimes lead to psychological and emotional health issues.

If you are a helper feeling burnt out and exhausted, know that you are not alone and you can get support here. 

Amanda and her Associates offer education, peer support, consulting and counselling for individuals and groups in helping professions of all kinds. If the work you do involves providing physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional,

and/or spiritual care for another, then I want to help you by providing the tools and knowledge

you need in order to do your work in a sustainable way. 

Amanda Rocheleau Logo

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