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Clinical Consultation

Individual and group meetings to support professionals providing therapeutic services in private practice or in mental health/clinical settings

Group Debriefing

Facilitated group meetings to support a team's psychological health and create space for processing distressing events and secondary

traumatic stress

Private Practice

Personalized individual or group coaching for developing, launching and maintaining a private practice that won't burn you out

Clinial Consulting

Clinical Consultation

With over a decade of supervision experience, Amanda Rocheleau, BSW, MSW, RSW provides expert clinical consultation services that cater to individuals, agencies, community groups, and social work students in practicum. Throughout her career, Amanda has honed her skills in delivering clinical supervision across various settings and formats.

As a Clinical Consultant, Amanda's responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of tasks aimed at enhancing the
well-being, professional development, and clinical effectiveness in your client-direct work.

These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Psychological Well-being Assessment: Evaluate and support the psychological well-being of team members individually and collectively, monitoring for signs of secondary traumatic stress, countertransference, empathy-based stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

  2. Professional Growth and Work Practices: Provide guidance and support for professional growth, fostering the adoption of healthy work practices among team members.

  3. Problem-solving and Guidance: Offer assistance in problem-solving and provide guidance on matters related to client care or client-specific issues.

  4. Clinical Support and Education: Deliver clinical support, consultation, and educational opportunities to enhance consultees’ knowledge and skills.

  5. Knowledge Sharing: Share clinical expertise, knowledge of leading practices, and insights into current issues, research, and trends in social work.

  6. Training Needs Identification: Assist consultees in identifying their training needs and collaborate in creating a comprehensive plan to address those needs.

  7. Alignment with Professional Standards: Support consultees in maintaining a practice aligned with professional standards of practice, code of ethics, legislation, and regulations.

Clinical consultation is a pivotal process for individuals delivering client-direct services and psychotherapy. Amanda Rocheleau's approach to clinical consultation fosters professional judgment, clinical knowledge, skills development, and deeper self-reflection. Amanda's process focuses on four main areas of practice: direct practice, psychological health, continued learning, and job management.

Engaging in clinical consultation with Amanda Rocheleau offers a collaborative exploration of client cases, difficult work situations, and ethical dilemmas. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to navigate challenges with the support, education, and guidance needed for overall professional practice. Research affirms that supportive professional relationships, such as clinical consultation, reduce the risk of compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma.

~  Q & A  ~

What's the difference between supervision and consultation?

The words consultation and supervision are often used interchangeably, however, there are significant and notable distinctions. Firstly, supervision is mainly a consistent and ongoing relationship where the supervisor's role is to provide ongoing evaluations and feedback about the supervisee's performance. The supervisor has more experience and oversees the supervisee's work.  The supervisor is also legally responsible (liable) for the actions of their supervisees and must be informed of the details of the supervisee’s client cases and interventions used.


Whereas consultation is an interactive process that often takes place between peers or professionals with particular types of training or experience in order to support a practitioner's clinical work. Consultation meetings may be sporadic or scheduled on an “as needed” basis, and identifying information about clients is not revealed. Consultants are not liable or responsible for overseeing the work of other professionals.

The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers (OCSWSSW) allows for various options for practice guidance including consultation, supervision and peer consultation. Reviewing the Professional Practice guidelines with OCSWSSW will help you determine if your level of experience, skills and client work are within your scope of practice and therefore consultation is satisfactory. 

What are your rates?

Amanda's rates for clinical consultation are variable and depend on several factors, including the size of the group, the frequency of sessions, and whether the consultation is conducted virtually or in-person (in Ottawa, ON). To provide you with the most accurate and tailored information please Contact Us directly, and we'll work together to determine a fee structure that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Your unique requirements are essential in shaping a consulting experience that best supports your professional development and well-being. 


Group Debriefing

Critical Incident Group Debriefing

Critical incidents are situations that occur outside of our normal frame of reference and challenge us to understand and cope with what has happened. Critical incidents may be any type of distressing situation or event that profoundly changes or disrupts a group's functioning. 


Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD) is a short-term group intervention process that focuses on this shared experience between the group participants and provides a place for them to talk about the impact the incident, process the stress it has caused and explore ways the group can heal. CIGD is one of several methods that may be utilized to lessen the likelihood of people experiencing symptoms of trauma and stress after a critical incident. 


Amanda Rocheleau, MSW, RSW is a trained Traumatic Incident Reduction Practitioner and Critical Incident Group Debriefing Facilitator and has facilitated many CIGD sessions for groups who have experienced a wide range of distressing events. She uses a semi-structured approach that gently guides the conversation and help maintain a safe sharing space while offering some insights and reflective questions. 

If your team has recently gone through a critical incident, reach out to schedule a group debriefing session.



Wellness Check-in and Debrief Group

These groups are regularly scheduled meetings for teams/agencies where staff come together to talk about the relationship between their work and personal wellness. This supportive group is a unique opportunity to process experiences related to their helper roles while they assess, monitor and make commitments to their wellness practices. Debriefing with peers helps mitigate the stress impact from our jobs and has proven to be one of the most beneficial methods of preventing psychological injuries and secondary traumatic stress. In these scheduled meetings, we take the time to discuss the challenges that come with frontline work and together we can normalize and validate our experiences related to empathy-based stress. Collectively we can provide time for self-reflection, provide support to one another and inform ourselves about psychological well-being.

Meetings can be scheduled bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

Private Practice Coaching

Embarking on the journey of running a private practice doesn't have to mean going it alone. Amanda is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your private practice is not just a business venture, but a thriving extension of your unique vision, values, and lifestyle.

Whether you're in the initial stages of building your practice, ready to launch, or seeking support to maintain its success, Amanda's expertise is your compass. The decision to establish a private practice typically stems from a desire for professional autonomy and a harmonious work-life balance. Amanda is dedicated to helping you realize these aspirations.

A private practice is not merely a business; it's a multifaceted endeavor that requires careful attention to the psychological toll of being your own boss while providing compassionate care to individuals in need. Amanda understands the intricacies and often underestimated aspects of practice management that can lead to stress and overwhelm if left unaddressed.

By partnering with Amanda, you'll embark on a journey towards a sustainable, fulfilling private practice that allows you to thrive professionally and personally. Say hello to a practice you genuinely love.

Private Practice Consulting
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