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Private Practice Consulting

The Sustainable Practice Program

Private Practice Consulting

A group coaching program that is designed to help you develop a personalized plan to build your private practice

 Amanda has a deep respect for the diversity in people's plans for private practice which is why she created a coaching program that can support you in any phase that you are in.

You are matched with a group that are in the same phase of development that you are in where you collaborate and share experiences. Members have a unique opportunity to build relationships, get feedback and inspire each other.


Creation Club

Before you see your first client

This club is for you if you are in the planning phase of opening a private practice; whether you are a new graduate, someone wanting to supplement your income with part-time work or getting ready to leap 2 feet into full-time entrepreneurship. This club is all about focusing on the steps you need to take to create a solid foundation for your business. We will explore your clinical framework including identifying your professional values, strengths and clinical skills, and creating a professional profile that reflects your scope of practice/niche and speaks to your ideal client. We will also focus on basic functions of starting a business including creating your business accounts, client management software, practice forms and marketing material. 

Creating a Private Practice Coaching

Launching Club

Ready to Launch

You are ready to see clients and your practice is officially in launching phase. Everything is going live and you are about to do a bunch of things for the first time. There are bound to be a million questions now that you are actually doing all the things you had been preparing for. This club will have other members in the start-up phase too so you are sure to get lots of validation and support. We will monitor and modify all the functions of your practice and do some fine tuning so that you can feel confident about your business. 

Launching a Private Practice Coaching
Maintaining a Private Practice Coaching

Maintenance Club

Ready for Change

You've been running your practice for awhile now and there are some things that just aren't working well for you. Maybe you feel lonely, or you're falling behind on admin, confused about processes or realizing you aren't always working with your ideal client. All in all, if you are feeling less satisfied with your practice and want to solve some problems, this is your club. We will revisit your vision, explore what's working well and what's not, and develop a plan to get your practice on track with what is most important to you. 

Running your own business can be an overwhelming experience.

Sure, there are "how-to" lists on the net and you might be able to figure out all the steps you need to take to get started but those cookie-cutter business templates may not match your personal circumstances, needs or desires. After all, you are probably taking the path of building a private practice because you want the freedom and flexibility to balance your professional and personal life. 


Plus a private practice isn't just an ordinary business. It's important to consider the psychological strain of being your own boss while also holding space for stressed people each day. There are so many nuances and understated elements in managing a practice that can actually lead to stress and overwhelm if not planned for.

Which is why Amanda is so passionate about helping Social Workers in Ontario
build a thriving private practice that is actually developed with their vision, values and lifestyle in mind.


$600 + HST for a 3 month membership. 

Then $100 + HST per month (invoiced on the 1st of the month) with month to month commitment (cancel anytime) 


What you get

- one 90 minute group session/month (recorded and posted in the members area)

- Access to the group chat with your club members

- Access to multiple templates and scripts 

- Checklists, assessments, worksheets

Optional Add-On

Want some more one-on-one time with Amanda?

Request an additional personal 60 minute consultation with Amanda for $150 + HST

Enrollment may depend on current group sizes and other requests.
Contact Amanda indicating what club you would like to join.

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