Amanda Rocheleau, MSW, RSW
Counselling & Consulting

14 Bayswater Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario   K1Y 2E4

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In this podcast series, I interview all kinds of helpers so that we can have real and honest conversations about the true hardships of providing care to others while we also talk about sustainable solutions to

self-care and personal wellness.

Low Impact Debriefing:  
Communicating Effectively about Trauma Heavy Work

Research shows that effective and frequent debriefing opportunities significantly reduces the risk of secondary traumatic stress symptoms for professionals working in trauma-exposed environments. Naturally, helping professionals want to talk about the difficult things they see and hear, however, sometimes instead of effectively debriefing, these conversations seem more like venting and offloading. With a few simple techniques, helpers can transform these conversations into helpful dialogue for processing and reflecting on trauma exposure while reducing the risk of transferring secondary trauma onto others.


In this 80 minute video, you will learn simple strategies to help enhance your debriefing experience and reduce your risk of secondary traumatic stress.