Burnout to Balance:
A Team Approach


90 minute online workshop


Those in helping professions are constantly exposed to stressful situations while providing care and the increasing demands for health and social services only put even more strain on them. The chronic experience of stress can lead to burnout which ends up negatively impacting all areas of a persons life.

. may feel emotionally exhausted from certain experiences.

Increased demand for health services is putting unprecedented strain on health systems and the workers within them.

 related to providing services with limited resources, 

The World Health Organisation recognizes burnout as a syndrome stemming from 'chronic workplace stress.' Providing care 

Burnout is a state of complete emotional, mental and physical exhaustion when a person has been exposed to prolonged stress. Burnout can be a contagion that significantly impacts a team's ability to collaboratively provide health or social services.


This workshop will identify the factors that increase the risk for burnout and the steps a team can take towards creating an environment that fosters boundaries, community and common values.

practical strategies that can be applied to improve individual and collective psychological health in the workplace. 


  • Signs and symptoms of burnout

  • 6 contributing factors that increase risk of burnout

  • Collective strategies to enhance occupational wellness

  • Techniques for stress reduction

  • Forms of self-care that are practical in work environments and at home

Who it is for

This workshop is designed for helping professionals and volunteers in various sectors such as social and human services, mental health services, addiction services, criminal justice, education, animal care, and healthcare.

How it works

Option 1  -   Live Online Workshop

(ideal for small groups)

We will schedule three separate 90-minute sessions for your team using an online learning platform. Participants will be able to interact and ask questions during these live sessions. 

Option 2  -   On-Demand Videos with Q&A

(ideal for larger groups)

Your team will be given access to login in to the Members Area where individuals may view each module as a pre-recorded video at a time that is convenient for them. A live Q&A online session will be scheduled so that participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and engage in open dialogue regarding the training series.