Individual support for helping professionals and caregivers who are experiencing compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, burnout, occupational stress, and/or work-lifer balance issues. 


Clinical consultation is a process where Amanda assists individuals or groups who are delivering clinical services by providing support, education, and guidance regarding client cases, ethics, and overall professional practice.


​Insightful and engaging presentations that every person in a helping profession can relate to with a perfect balance between "real talk" and evidence based information that both inspires and educates.

Psychological Health and Safety  A ssessments

Using a collaborative approach, Amanda can help an agency or team develop and implement a customized strategic wellness plan to support a healthy culture and reduce the risk of occupational stress and burnout. 

Online Programs

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Critical Incident
Group Debriefing

Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD) is a short-term group intervention process that can aid in the reduction of trauma and stress experiences after a critical incident that impacted a group.


As a registered social worker with an expertise in compassion fatigue, I offer workshops and presentations to a variety of audiences at a location of their choice. I have been a professional speaker since 2014 and have been invited by many groups who have found my sessions to be informative, insightful and very accessible.

I propose customized solutions for all events and groups; whether you are a corporation wanting to organize a workplace wellness activity for staff, or an agency wishing to provide its front-line staff training about occupational health, or a group of caregivers looking for support.

Critical Incident Group Debriefing


Critical incidents are situations that occur outside of our normal frame of reference and challenge us to understand and cope with what has happened.


Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD) is a short-term group intervention process that focuses on an immediate event. CIGD is one of several methods that may be utilized to lessen the likelihood of people experiencing symptoms of trauma and stress after a critical incident.


This group debriefing process provides a place for participants to talk and share experiences, and for the facilitator to teach and provide information about the impact of critical incidents. 

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Amanda Rocheleau, MSW, RSW
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